Curaduría de Instagram

  1. David Rule:

Young photographer currently residing in Wyoming. He dedicates himself to traveling and landscaping photography.  Rule has an amazing talent for capturing breath taking views on camera.

#Traveling #Landscape

2. Jord Hammond:

Traveler photographer from the United Kingdom. Hammond has a passion for telling stories with photographs.

#CherryBlosom #japan #travel

3. Hannied Rosael:

Talented Puerto Rican photographer and artist originally from Salinas, Puerto Rico. Rosael specializes in beautiful portraits and cultural landscape photography

#artist #puertorico #local #portrait

4. Sarah Palmer:

Residing in Santa Fe, young photographer dedicates herself by creating abstract art to express herself. Palmers work can be described as vibrant and using patterns.

#abstract #colorful #creative

5. Janske Kaethoven:

Specializes in breath taking landscape views and has fantastic framing techniques on his work.

#forest #nature #landscape

6. Angeliki Jackson:

Young woman residing in NYC. Jackson describes herself as a visual artist. Some of her incredible shots are taken and edited on her mobile phone. Making phone photography interesting. Definitely worth keeping for your feed!

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#nyc #streetphotography #mobilephone

Published by throughthelense1995

My name is Tania Guadalupe, I'm twenty five years old and I'm a candidate for graduation this May 2020, from my photography major. I started my love and passion for photography when I was only fifteen, about to graduate middle school. I attended to the Escuela Especializada Central de Artes Visuales from 2007 until 2010. Even though I did not attend high-school in an art school, I dedicated my free time to photography and arts in general, such as drawing, coloring and painting.

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