Fake News & Deep Fakes!

Before quarantine started, my class-mates and I had the opportunity to do some research on fake news & deep fakes. Later on we interviewed a couple of students and regular people so they can give us an opinion based on fake news. Basically, when we talk about fake news we talk about unreliable sources with no credibility whatsoever. Usually these types of fake news can be found shared on Facebook. Usually when people share these news on Facebook they never really read the article, and just share based on what they read on the title of the article. Deep fakes are something a lot more darker. Deep fakes are all about altering. For example, someone can alter their voice to make it sound like another person’s voice and it can be extremely dangerous. These sorts of programs are not accesible to the public due to the fact that they can be dangerous and used for the wrong purposes only.

Here is our interview!

#inf115 #inf1152020 #reportaje

Published by throughthelense1995

My name is Tania Guadalupe, I'm twenty five years old and I'm a candidate for graduation this May 2020, from my photography major. I started my love and passion for photography when I was only fifteen, about to graduate middle school. I attended to the Escuela Especializada Central de Artes Visuales from 2007 until 2010. Even though I did not attend high-school in an art school, I dedicated my free time to photography and arts in general, such as drawing, coloring and painting.

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