Final thoughts and a little bit of reflection!

During this semester I had the opportunity to learn about website building/designing. Thanks to this class, I achieved my goal of creating my own blog and the freedom of expressing myself. I took this chance to give my blog a photography theme or anything related to arts. Land scape photography is my favorite type of photography due to the fact that it is very aesthetically pleasing. Anxiety itself is very hard to deal with, while going through a bit of anxiety during quarantine so I discovered that looking at images of beautiful scenery has helped me cope with my anxiety.

I also had the opportunity to interview classmates and people in general, thanks to this course. I also got a glimpse of my classmates blogs and saw their interests, linkings and aesthetics in general and I’ve gotta say we’re all very different! But in a good way. I believe I gained the ability to manage my social media platforms through out the INF115 course. COVID-19 Has affected our studies in general, but we managed to pull through even on online classes.

Heres a link to all of my assignments done in this course:

I believe I’ve gained the skill of managing better social medias through the INF115 course.

It’s been a pleasure being part of this class!

Published by throughthelense1995

My name is Tania Guadalupe, I'm twenty five years old and I'm a candidate for graduation this May 2020, from my photography major. I started my love and passion for photography when I was only fifteen, about to graduate middle school. I attended to the Escuela Especializada Central de Artes Visuales from 2007 until 2010. Even though I did not attend high-school in an art school, I dedicated my free time to photography and arts in general, such as drawing, coloring and painting.

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