Art is everything that surrounds us

In this assignment, we got to explore around google arts & culture and pick out our favorite works of art from our favorite artists and museums. During quarantine, this is a great idea since you feel like you’re walking around the museum itself. I picked out 8 pictures and divided them in two groups!

Here are my top eight choices:

Final thoughts and a little bit of reflection!

During this semester I had the opportunity to learn about website building/designing. Thanks to this class, I achieved my goal of creating my own blog and the freedom of expressing myself. I took this chance to give my blog a photography theme or anything related to arts. Land scape photography is my favorite type of photography due to the fact that it is very aesthetically pleasing. Anxiety itself is very hard to deal with, while going through a bit of anxiety during quarantine so I discovered that looking at images of beautiful scenery has helped me cope with my anxiety.

I also had the opportunity to interview classmates and people in general, thanks to this course. I also got a glimpse of my classmates blogs and saw their interests, linkings and aesthetics in general and I’ve gotta say we’re all very different! But in a good way. I believe I gained the ability to manage my social media platforms through out the INF115 course. COVID-19 Has affected our studies in general, but we managed to pull through even on online classes.

Heres a link to all of my assignments done in this course:

I believe I’ve gained the skill of managing better social medias through the INF115 course.

It’s been a pleasure being part of this class!

Grupo B: Curaduría de GIFS y Memes

During online class my classmates: Sergio Irizarry, Jean Correa, Emilio Cruz, Valeria Talavera & I, Tania Guadalupe, had the chance to collect all of our favorite gifs and memes posted by the rest of our classmates on their blog pages. All of theses memes and gifs are quarantine or COVID-19 related since it’s the massive pandemic we are dealing experiencing. Here’s the link to view or memes! Please stay home and stay safe!

#inf115 #curaduría #proyecto #gifs #memes

Fake News & Deep Fakes!

Before quarantine started, my class-mates and I had the opportunity to do some research on fake news & deep fakes. Later on we interviewed a couple of students and regular people so they can give us an opinion based on fake news. Basically, when we talk about fake news we talk about unreliable sources with no credibility whatsoever. Usually these types of fake news can be found shared on Facebook. Usually when people share these news on Facebook they never really read the article, and just share based on what they read on the title of the article. Deep fakes are something a lot more darker. Deep fakes are all about altering. For example, someone can alter their voice to make it sound like another person’s voice and it can be extremely dangerous. These sorts of programs are not accesible to the public due to the fact that they can be dangerous and used for the wrong purposes only.

Here is our interview!

#inf115 #inf1152020 #reportaje

Tarea #7

I’ve chosen to make meme gifs out of one of my favorited movies called “Mean Girls”. It may not have nothing to do with the current crisis we are going through right now, but it’s definitely a movie I recommend for good laughs. In moments like these, where all we see is tragedy. It’s necessary to sit back and relax for a moment. I hope all of you are staying safe!

#inf115 #covid #memes #meangirls

Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by far is the best film to come out in 2012. Worldwide very highly recommended. The Perks of Being a Wallflower originated from a pocket book and later on was adapted to a film. Starring Charlie, a fifteen year old boy who just started his freshman year of high-school. Charlie was always the “wallflower”. Often described as quiet but extremely observant. Charlie began hanging out with two seniors, Sam & Patrick who were always known as “nobodies” around school. Hanging out with Sam & Patrick came a long with tons of bullying and Charlie was already suffering from depression due to his best friend committing suicide back in the summer before school. Later on Sam & Charlie start developing a romantic relationship which triggers Charlie since apparently, the movie gives us a small glimpse that at some point he was molested by a family member that later on died in a car accident. The Perks of Being a Wallflower did an amazing job representing different emotions and genuine friendship and love and tons of plot-twists. This movie will keep you on your feet always!

#Inf115 #Tarea6 #gifs

Curaduría de Instagram

  1. David Rule:

Young photographer currently residing in Wyoming. He dedicates himself to traveling and landscaping photography.  Rule has an amazing talent for capturing breath taking views on camera.

#Traveling #Landscape

2. Jord Hammond:

Traveler photographer from the United Kingdom. Hammond has a passion for telling stories with photographs.

#CherryBlosom #japan #travel

3. Hannied Rosael:

Talented Puerto Rican photographer and artist originally from Salinas, Puerto Rico. Rosael specializes in beautiful portraits and cultural landscape photography

#artist #puertorico #local #portrait

4. Sarah Palmer:

Residing in Santa Fe, young photographer dedicates herself by creating abstract art to express herself. Palmers work can be described as vibrant and using patterns.

#abstract #colorful #creative

5. Janske Kaethoven:

Specializes in breath taking landscape views and has fantastic framing techniques on his work.

#forest #nature #landscape

6. Angeliki Jackson:

Young woman residing in NYC. Jackson describes herself as a visual artist. Some of her incredible shots are taken and edited on her mobile phone. Making phone photography interesting. Definitely worth keeping for your feed!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by angeliki jackson (@astrodub) on

#nyc #streetphotography #mobilephone

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